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Good Morning Everyone.  The videos and photos I am receiving are wonderful.  I am so pleased to see all the activities you are doing to keep fit and healthy.  Please keep them coming!

If you would like to earn HOUSE POINTS remember to email me the evidence of you participating in the following 6 SPORTS DAY activities.

Activity 1 – Shuttle run

How fast can you run a 5m distance 20 times?

If 5m is too big for your garden you can run a shorter distance more times.Video resource 1

Activity 2 – Socks in a box

In 60 seconds, how many pairs of socks can you match, then run 3m and put them in a basket?Video resource 2

Activity 3 – Speed bounce

Roll up a towel. How many times can you jump, with feet together, side to side over the towel in 20 seconds?Video Resource 3

Activity 4 – Toilet roll tower

Using only your feet, how many toilet rolls can you stack one on top of the other in 60 seconds?Video Resource 4

Activity 5 – Target throw

You need 10 objects, e.g. pairs of socks. How many objects out of 10 can you get in the basket?Don’t stand too close! About 3m for P1-3, 5m or further for P4-7.Video Resource 5

Activity 6 – Egg and spoon

Find a small round object (a ball, small pair of socks, chocolate egg, boiled egg) balance it on a spoon and walk up and down your shuttle run area. How many laps can you do in 60 seconds? If it drops go back to the start of that lap.Video Resource 6

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