Here at St Saint Joseph's, our children's views and ideas are very important to the direction of the school. Every child from Primary 1 - Primary 7 is part of a Pupil Committee which leads an aspect of school life. Our Committees provide great opportunities for pupils to develop a range of life skills and to grow as responsible citizens within their school, local and global communities.Children should not be separated from their parents unless they are not being properly looked after - for example, if a parent hurts or does not take care of a child. Children whose parents don't live together should stay in contact with both parents unless this might harm the child.


Children's Rights: We are a 'Rights Respecting School'



Article 2 - No discrimination   

All children have all these rights, no matter who they are, where they live, what language they speak, what their religion is, what they think, what they look like, if they are a boy or girl, if they have a disability, if they are rich or poor, and no matter who their parents or families are or what their parents or families believe or do. No child should be treated unfairly for any reason.

Article 8 - Identity   

Children have the right to their own identity - an official record of who they are which includes their name, nationality and family relations. No one should take this away from them, but if this happens, governments must help children to quickly get their identity back.

Article 30 - Minority culture, language and religion

Children have the right to use their own language, culture and religion - even if these are not shared by most people in the country where they live.

Our Committees

  • Right Ambassadors and Global Citizens with Mrs McLean
  • Mini Vinnies with  Mrs Smith
  • Reader Leaders with Mrs Grant
  • Digi-Leaders with Miss Skippins and Mrs Telfer
  • Book Bugs with Mrs Taylor
  • Games Leades with Mrs Cameron


Our Masterclasses go Digital!

  • Sphero with Mrs Grant 
  • Scratch Coders with Mrs McLean
  • Sway with Mrs McGuigan
  • Seesaw with Mrs Telfer and Mrs Taylor