We pride ourselves on being a close staff team and on being as involved as possible with our parents and the wider school community. St Joseph's is all about learning - for our children, staff, parents and family, our Parish and our partners.


Head Teacher - Mrs Smith

Principal Teacher - Mrs McLean

Class Teachers 

  • P2/1 Mrs Taylor
  • P3 Mrs Telfer/ Mrs Scott
  • P5/4 Mrs Grant
  • P6/5 Mrs McLean/ Miss Skippins
  • P7/6 Mrs McGuigan
  • Support for Learning Mrs Caskie

Support Staff

  • Miss Waddell
  • Ms Redican 
  • Mrs Cameron
  • Mrs Cummings

School Chaplain 

  • Cannon Paul Kelly 

Additional Staff Members

  • School Secretary - Mrs Manson
  • PE Teacher - Mrs McMaster
  • Brass Instructor - Mr French
  • FMA/Janitor - Mr Nicky Newall
  • Dining-Room Supervisor - Mrs Kennedy
  • Dinner Ladies - Tracy Beecroft and Claire Cairns
  • Breakfast Lady - Tracy Beecroft