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This week World Water Day is celebrated on the 22nd of March. We will look at Articles 24, 27 and Global Goal 6, to celebrate water and support our pupils to think about how they can help save and protect this precious resource and encourage others to do the same.


This week our right of the week is Article 12. This says that every child has the right to express their views, feelings and wishes in all matters affecting them, and to have their views considered and taken seriously.


Our rights this week linked to World Book Day. We were reading to get information (Article 17 - access to information from the media), to learn and develop (Article 29 - goals of education) or for pleasure (Article 31 - leisure, play and culture).


This week our 'Right of the Week' is Article 3 . Article 3 - Best Interests of the Child When adults make decisions, they should think about how their decisions will affect children. All adults should do what is best for children. Governments should make sure children are protected and looked after by their parents, ... Continue reading Right of the Week →


On 8 February we celebrate Safer Internet Day - an annual global event promoting safe and positive use of digital technology for children and young people.This year, Safer Internet Day will focus on exploring respect and relationships online. This is a great opportunity to discuss with our learners how they navigate the online world, while ... Continue reading SAFE INTERNET WEEK →


It is Scotland Loves Languages Week. Article 30 of the UNCRC states that we have the right to celebrate and learn about languages and customs. We are also thinking about identity and how we can support others to feel safe and comfortable to be their true selves, whether that's in our school, community or beyond. ... Continue reading Right of the Week →


Next week, on 27 January, we observe Holocaust Memorial Day and remember those who lost their lives in the Holocaust and other genocides around the world. Article 2 - No discrimination All children have all these rights, no matter who they are, where they live, what language they speak, what their religion is, what they think, what they look like, if ... Continue reading Rights of the Week →


In this week's Article of the Week we're taking a closer look at Articles 7 and 8. These ensure every child their right to be registered at birth, to have a name, nationality and identity. Article 7 - Name and nationality Children must be registered when they are born and given a name which is ... Continue reading The Right of the Week →


Article 31 - Rest, play, culture, arts Every child has the right to rest, relax, play and to take part in cultural and creative activities.


Article 1 - Definition of a child A child is any person under the age of 18. Article 4 - Making rights real Governments must do all they can to make sure that every child in their countries can enjoy all the rights in this Convention