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PE - 7.5.20


For this week’s P.E. ideas we have some links to fun dance tracks which would be good to warm up to.

Search Kids Bop Dance Along on YouTube or click a link below.  

 Dance Monkey 

Just Got Paid 

Old Town Road  

Then we have the snowball pick up challenge which is really good for your motor skills.


Equipment – paper, Clothes Peg, Small Tub/container 

Tear up the paper in to small pieces and scrunch each piece into a small ball (snowball!)

Scatter the snowballs on the ground and space them out.

Using the clothes peg pick up each paper snow ball individually and collect them in the container.

To make it more challenging

1. Try it with your opposite hand only!

2. Put the container at the opposite side of the room from where the snowballs are so you have to run to put it in.

3. Use a timer to see how long it takes you to collect them all in!

*Remember any sporty activities that you do, add them to your exercise log* 

Mrs McMaster

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