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We are electricians.

This week has been a week of wonderful learning in Primary 6; we begun the week with Futsal and enjoyed being outside learning new skills. As the week has gone on we have been busy learning and preparing for the Burns Assembly. We have had such fun editing a poem to make it our own. I am sure you will enjoy it. If you were not able to join us we have put it here for you to read.

Meh granny never had the things

That maist fowk hae the day,

She never watched a NETFLIX show

Or heard Spotify play.

She never yaised a Nerf Gun

Or shopped in B and M.

She always yaise a  tea cosey

An‘ ended  with Amen.


Meh granny never ate Nandos

Or wore designer boots

She never drank a can o’ bru

Or tasted passion fruits.

She never smelt the scent of Greggs

O’ eaten a vindaloo

An’ she never played an X box.

Facebook ,she never knew.


Meh granny never wore a bikini,

No even in her teens.

She never wore a mini skirt

Or Primark’s skinny jeans.

She never had her hair in spikes

Or dyed it blue and white,

An’ she never had her airms tattoed

Or partied for a night.


Meh granny never had her own hoose

Wi’ mod cons like we hay

The kitchen was her main room,

The loaby her hallway.

The carpets were but clootie rugs

That she’d made piece by piece,

An’ her vacuum wis a besom heid

That worked wi’ elbow grease.


Alas, meh granny’s no longer living near

She lives in a care home

She’s sairly missed, but nontheless

That’s whaur she’ll hae tae be

Hoo’ever—should she get tae hear

O’ a’ the things we’ve got,

I’m shair she’ll hobble onto a bus

An’ come back here like a shot.


We have continued to learn about the devastation in Australia, and wrote a story as if we were one of the animals caught up in the fires. This writing opportunity allowed us to write in the first person as well as carefully consider how to include each of the senses. Mr Reed even put some of our work up on display as it was so well written.

We have also been given the opportunity to explore electrical circuits and even build circuits which was great fun, there was lots of ‘lightbulb’ moments.

We have been told that we will be continuing our partnership with Donaldson School and sessions will begin again next Friday.

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